Lepepet Water Project Technology Ltd is a consulting and environmental film that delivers value by providing professional services of water treatment and management solution to food and beverages industries in Nigeria and Africa as a whole, Lepepet is a leader in providing multi-disciplined engineering and technical services to a range of private and publicA� sector clients domestically.

Our main mission is to establish a standard and world class bottle water production company that in our capacity will favourably complete with leaders in the industry such as Nestle Food. The Coca-Cola Company and Pepsi. Our solution is to provide superior quality water purification, filtration and filling equipment for a variety of industrial, commercial and retail application. We focus on continuous improvement and strict quality standard to ensure high quality, reliable, effective, efficient, equipment that is easy to use, install and maintain.


We engage in many projects of underground and surface water treatment in the past few years of our business activities, we have executed numerous project for the construction, industrial and domestic borehole drilling, bottle and sachet water factory installation, products & development Registration (NAFDAC), maintenance & production equipment services, water packaging & industrial machines. Dealer in all types of a production machine, purchasing and procurement, plant & equipment. We offer both standards (generic) as well as customised designs construction for safety and sanity reason.


Team Lepepet engineers and technicians are familiar with these regulations and take them into consideration when design and recommending plant layouts.


We strive to provide you with the best service in helping you establish in succeeding with water project while providing you great customer services to foster and maintain excellent result for our clients.